Thursday, June 2, 2011

R.I.P. Jose Guerena. U.S. Marine murdered by Arizona SWAT team

Sad post today folks.

Imagine working an exhausting graveyard shift. You've barely slept two hours when you're suddenly awakened by the cries of your panicked wife. She's screaming something about men with guns breaking into the house as she clutches your infant son in her arms. You instruct your family to hide as you reach for your rifle, similar to the one that got you through two tours in Iraq during your time in the Marines. You take a defensive position in the hallway as your front door is smashed in by a heavily armed force clad with shields and body armor. Almost immediately, they fire 70+ rounds in your direction in less than 7 seconds. You're left to die, alone, bleeding to death on the floor of your own home.

This is what happened to Jose Guerena on May 5, 2011.

In Prima County, Arizona, the sheriff's SWAT Team burst into Guerena's home serving a narcotics warrant. This was part of a larger, coordinated raid on numerous other homes throughout the county on the same morning, all of which were allegedly involved in some grand narcotics ring/conspiracy.

Here's what happened:

A few key points:
-Nothing was found at Guerena's house.
-Guerena never removed the safety from his rifle and thus, never fired a shot at the police.
-The SWAT Team fired over 70 bullets and hit Jose only 20 times. That's dangerously inaccurate for a team of highly trained "professionals."
-After they entered the house, the police denied Jose any medical treatment for over an hour, effectively letting him die in his own home.

You could argue cops are justified when it comes to shooting individuals who point guns at them, but this whole situation just reeks of something else. The police have tried to smear Guerena after this incident and tie him to some "para-military drug gang" although he was honorably discharged from the Marines and has no criminal record. This was either was either a botched police raid due to gross negligence on the SWAT Teams' part or a sanctioned murder by the Sheriff's department.

Here is the helmet cam footage from a member of the SWAT Team. You be the judge:

more on this story HERE and HERE.


  1. It's murder regardless of the way you look at it. There was no attempt to use other means to dissuade the situation, just the continued heavy handedness that para-military SWAT teams have been allowed to carry out unchecked across the entire country. They are heartless scum, brainwashed into 'following orders' and upholding the law like good Nazis. It's even sadder when you know that this kind of action happens dozens of times a day across the country, how many other victims have there been. I remember not to long ago the police tried to portray a family dog that they killed as a 'vicious pit bull' and when the video was released, it was a corgi. This stuff is just retarded.

  2. Did they even call out to the people inside to warn them?

    BOOOO SWAT. >:(

  3. stupid cops, shoot first ask q's later

  4. That really does suck!! Sad to hear one of the nations finest get killed like that... :(

  5. What the.. That second video just finishes it off. How the hell can you trust that?

  6. TIP Jose Guerena :'(
    thank god guns are almost as illegal as drugs here :D

  7. heard about this, tragic

  8. ugh this is why i dont think the army, cops should really have jobs... -_-.... or atleast be UNDER control...

  9. That team should have to go to jail in a just world, but this is not a just world. This does seem like a botched job.

  10. One, what the heck is with the use of such excessive force when they don't even know for sure that he's involved in whatever the hell they're looking for?

    Two, the posthumous SMEAR CAMPAIGN? REALLY? Screw those people, seriously,

  11. wow, now i feel like i need a grenade instead of a gun

  12. I feel so bad for his family. Someone that spent so much time defending his country does not deserve to die that way.

  13. thats actually really sad =(

  14. I think the soldier knew what was coming. Or maybe he knew something that the cops didn't want the public to know. Or maybe the soldier knew it was a setup and he was forced to take it to the max.

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