Thursday, March 8, 2012


So Ms. Jas from Smile Big and Pretty tagged me in one of those blogger questioner/survey things. Here is how the setup works:

So here are 11 random facts about myself:

1) As a kid I was so geeky I could identify all of my X-MEN/Marvel action figures with my eyes closed, solely by touch.
2) The first 10 seasons of The Simpsons is like my Bible. I turn to them for strength in times of need, and can quote dialogue like scripture.
3) I'm in my mid-twenties (soon to be late twenties =/ ) but people still think I'm 19, despite the fact that:
4) I have a crap load of grey hair.
5) I'm a fairly liberal/progressive guy but have a general disdain for both Democrats and Republicans that run/ruin these United States of America.
6) Once I get my head out of my ass, I want to attend film school.
7) I hate spiders.
8) I love doughnuts & Haribo gummy bears.
9) I don't drink or do drugs. Never have, hopefully, never will.
10) Even though I'm nice and brown, I cannot speak a lick of Spanish.
11) I can run four rows seven consistently without getting snowed ( I don't expect anyone to get that but if you do, "Right On").

Am I cool or what?
So here's what Jas wanted to know:
1. What was a moment in your life where you truly felt you were cheated?
When I first needed glasses and all my other friends didn't. Damn you genetics!

2. Do you get along with your parents?
Yes. They annoy me at times as I'm sure I do them but they're my parents..what r ya gonna do? Sometimes, I feel like I'm their parent though. Hence my grey hairs.

3. How did you get along with others as a child?
I always liked playing and goofing off with other kids except I sucked at sports and I'm an only child so, sometimes I liked just chilling alone.

4. Any particularly interesting habits you do when you are bored?
Workout. Like Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver or Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

5. Do you have any good impressions? Of who?
Apparently I'm quite good and mimicking my boss and most of my co-workers. I get so bored at work sometimes I start to notice all the weird little things everyone else does and BAM. Impressions are born.

6. Favorite movie - why?
For the longest time it was Taxi Driver (at first because of typical awkward teenage angst/alienation stuff but then because Scorsese is the man) but ever since 2007 it's There Will Be Blood. Why? Three words: Paul. Thomas. Anderson.

7. Have you ever found yourself obsessing over characters in your favorite books/films?
Yes. All the time. I've already done it in this post! Sometimes I doubt if there is an actual "me," and if I'm not just a hodgepodge of random quotes and trivia trapped in flesh.

8. Most audacious thing you have done to date. Go.
This sounds retarded but it's the first thing that came to mind. Nineteen (maybe twenty) year old me went skinny dipping with some girl on a cold winter night because she dared me. Forgot to take off my glasses when we jumped in (checking her out...duh). Long story short, I got sick and started wearing contact lenses afterward.

9. You notice a child being picked on in elementary school. It is your time to be that cool grown up to give advice/help out. What do you say/do?
Tell that poor kid that although it may seem like the end of the world for them now, all the petty crap that goes on in school doesn't matter and their bullies/tormentors will probably grow up to have miserable lives anyways, so jokes on them.

10. Have you ever taken the blame for someone else's fart to save them from embarrassment?
No. I wish someone would have done that for me though during silent reading in 1st grade. I laugh about it now though.

11. What was the first time that you felt truly special?
Scoring 1 million points in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 using Darth Maul (secret character unlocked baby!) in the Airport level. Pretty rad if I say so myself. haha.

Welp, it's my turn to ask some questions.
1. What part of the country/world are you from and do you like it's weather?
2. If you could spend a week anywhere on Earth, where would you go?
3. What's your favorite film- why?
4. Which celebrity/athlete/world leader would you like to meet (first name that pops in your head!)?
5) Monster truck or Mini Cooper?
6) What was your worst subject in school?
7) If you could transform your favorite hobby/pastime into a career, you'd be a professional what?
8) You wake up tomorrow and discover you've suddenly become a pro wrestler...what's your theme song/entrance music going to be?
9) Opinions on nationalism?
10) How do you kill time whenever there's a power outage?
11) Jesus VS Darth Vader...who wins the battle of the midi-chlorians?!

Please keep in mind that you aren't obligated to respond /participate in this little game. Hell, I wasn't even sure If I would! Either way:

D4, Angry Lurker, Anne, Matthew, Pat Hatt, Bloggerati, Tsaritsa, .. Me and My Thinking Cap, Zombies Everywhere, My 2 Pesos and Clique (if you've got available internet) as well as Jas herself;

have at it. You could answer below in the comments if it's easier.



  1. Awesome stuff mate, it's great to know more about you!

    2) The first 10 seasons of The Simpsons is like my Bible. I turn to them for strength in times of need, and can quote dialogue like scripture.

    That one in particular in your 11 facts appeals to me a lot buddy, because I'm pretty similar although I guess I wouldn't know the episodes in and out enough to be able to quote dialogue. it's great to hear more about you anyway mate.

    Thanks for tagging me too, I hope it's okay if I leave out the eleven random facts about myself part because I'm kind off spent when it comes to giving new interesting facts about myself, I'll answer your questions though buddy.

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  3. I know what you mean in your answer to number 7. Have the time I wonder if there is any original thought in my brain or if I'm just rehashing all the things I've heard on TV

  4. It rains a lot over here but that means it's nice and green.

  5. Hahaha I could do that with all my ninja turtle action figures..haha...I can just look at one of my dvds from far away and tell you what it is too. And yeah with number 7 and movies, I fit right into that..haha

  6. Thank you for tagging me. I am honored.
    I think we do have some things in common, may this that is why I love your blog. Like in random facts - 1,(but instead of action figures, maybe some quotes and stuff from books), 2(Linda Goodman's zodiac series), 4 yep,thanks to henna ;-), 5-yes again and then 9 and 10(no way near Spanish) and 11- I met your expectation, I didnt get it.
    And about answers to questions thank you for not saying "Drive" for no.6.
    Do you have mail id or something? My answers maybe long and your blog may stop working and this time maynt be blogger but my lengthy answers. I could send my answers to your id. You can post it as my Q&A or something?

  7. Good answers and I'll give it a go.......

  8. I like being tagged, it makes me feel like a wild animal just brought down by a hunter. No wait, that's bad. I'll rethink this and get back to you.

  9. Hey, those are some tough questions. ;)

  10. Oh wow, haha, thanks for tagging me! I did one of these the other day, and I read Jas's blog too. Small world! I will do this later :)

  11. Congrats on getting tagged!

  12. Great answers and cheers for the tag...

  13. Awww man those are some fun questions I'd have had fun answering. Oh well. The first ten seasons of The Simpsons should be a part of anyone's bible. I remember scoring over a million points on Tony Hawk, except it was Tony Hawk four, and I was playing it at school. Oddly enough one of the only times people at that school liked me. Wankers.

  14. I don't drink or do drugs as well! Don't really see the point in wasting money for that.

  15. Thank you for tagging me. I'll try to fit it in next week. So you went skinny dipping in the cold, lost your glasses and got sick. But did you get to third base? Because if you did, it would be worth it.

  16. Makes me consider answering me some of these questions. lol.

  17. Thanks for the nice post with some interesting tidbits of personal information.

    In terms of your second point on the first list, my parents helped with material things but I think I was primarily raised by The Simpsons.

  18. I always answer these. I've been waiting to turn one down. This though, this has potential. Awesome questions. I'll post this in a few days but I'll get to it. Thanks, kinda.

  19. oh! tagging is everywhere :)

    no.9 random facts was a WOW O_O

    and so, we're at the same age I guess? :) glad to know. haha

  20. I'll try to do this.

  21. I'm glad I didn't get tagged, I got overwhelmed with these way back.

  22. Just did mine! :)

  23. i hate when people tag me in that shit...i just grin and bear it after i DELETE THEM