Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Female Obsession: UPDATE

I have scientific evidence proving just how popular my Female Obsession series is here on this ol' blog of mine. All of my top posts ever, as well as a hefty amount of this site's traffic has been because of the lovely ladies I celebrate/worship/ogle. This post will get us up to speed with what some of my previous Female Obsession honorees are up to nowadays.

Kristen Bell: December 2010
The lovely Miss Bell now stars in House of Lies on Showtime. She also was the subject of an awesome viral video from an appearance on Ellen. This clip has something like 10 million+ views!

Kourtney Kardashian: August 2011
Kourtney is pregnant once again with child#2 from her Patrick Bateman wannabe boyfriend =/ Still looks good though!

Kelly Brook: January 2011
 Earlier this year Kelly launched her a new line of lingerie that she designed herself. Best part is, she also decided to model them as well =p

Lucy Liu: October 2011
Lucy joined the cast of TNT's acclaimed cop drama Southland. She's super fired up on this show and looks damn good in that uniform also.

Vanessa Hudgens: April 2011
Vanessa starred in 2012's Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. I didn't see this flick (naturally) but she looked cute as hell in the trailer. Hudge is also filming a new movie with the mighty Selena Gomez that I shall be blogging about VERY soon...

Maria Menounos: January 2011 (yeah I did two installments that month....sue me)
Maria's been quite the busy bee these past few months. She made headlines when she stripped down to her bikini on her TV show Extra after losing a Super Bowl bet. Then she was rumored to have seduced Mr. Holy Roller himself, former Denver Bronco's quarterback Tim Tebow. Of course now Maria is on the latest season of Dancing With The Stars.

Yes, I even love her goofy laugh.


  1. Maria menounos is pretty. Kristen Bell, I dunno she does look like a germ at least the face for sure.
    My traffic is from mythology character names I have more traffic coming through search nowadays.

  2. Great update man, I have to admit that I'm pretty interested as to why you think Kourtney Kardashian's husband or boyfriend is an American Psycho rip-off, just out of curiosity more than anything.

    I don't know if you're aware or not too but Kelly Brook was actually pregnant for a while last year but suffered a miscarriage which is pretty sad. She's still such a hottie though!

  3. Wow! People really go for the female posts! I should have made my blog about woman!!

    You should do two instalments every month!

  4. Plus Maria is going to be at Wrestlemania. Lucy Liu is still looking pretty damn good really, that is for sure.

  5. haha have to give your blog public what they want, can't say I can complain. Wish Veronica Mars never got cancelled.

  6. They're all coming for the party?!?

  7. My Gorgeous Pair of Tits series is my biggest draw and after that my Boobies posts. But that's not why I do it, I do it for the fun people have when they visit my page on those days.

  8. Kelly Brook, it's a close run thing to my Pamela!

  9. I agree with all of these - but none so much as the adorably dorky Kristin Bell. I love her. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

  10. I approve of this update as it has just the right amount of eye candy and news in it. Go work for playboy or something.

  11. Lol- that video of Kristen Bell is so cute. I had no idea she was so likeable- for some reason I always thought she was stuffy.

    You may have just changed my whole perception of her.

    Bravo, Mranthope.

  12. I <3 Kristen Bell, she's so funny and cute! She's a good enough actress (loved her in Veronica Mars) and she's attractive enough (though I wouldn't call her 'sexy') it's her personality that grabs me. Any time she's on a late-night show I watch because she's one of the most entertaining interviews in Hollywood. Thanks for showing her some love!

  13. Kristen Bell is a good choice. Now I see that there is a reason to have someone I can borrow a sloth from at any given time just in case I run into her on the street.

    Kourtney is my favorite of the sisters but from what I've seen on the show she is also the one who seems to care the least about the direction her life takes.

    Somehow Kelly Brook has escaped my attention until now.

  14. i love kristen bell after seeing this video! i laughed soo much, she's lovely