Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tragedy in Boston

A series of explosions rocked the Boston Marathon yesterday, killing 3 and injuring over 100 more.

Despite all the senseless carnage in today's world, events like this are still horrifying when they occur (and they do, all too often it seems). When the news of the bombing first broke yesterday, I immediately went online for more information. I couldn't bare to watch traditional news coverage on television, where the bumbling anchor repeats the same three facts over and over and spends more time discussing the things they don't know then informing the audience about what's actually taking place. Through internet searches and social media, a stream of information was made available to me, including graphic photos that in a sense, provided far more raw and honest than I bargained for. Luckily, the death toll in this attack is considerably low, despite the massive injuries which have included several limb amputations, considering how populated the area was. Even with such a relatively small death count, the heart breaking images provided by both news agencies and spectators monitoring the race, has made this one of the most jarring tragedies on American soil I can recall.

Bummed out? I know. Time for some uplifting music to help lift our collective spirits. From Boston's (well Salem actually) own favorite DIY hardcore motivational enthusiasts Converge, this is "Last Light," and it's dedicated to the hearts still beating. 


  1. The only shred of mercy is that the death toll wasn't higher. So many people have been injured to terrible extents though man and that's just awful, their lives will never be the same. Americans as a whole are made of tough tough stuff though and I have faith you guys will fight through it, stay strong.

  2. Sobering day, to be sure. I was also riveted to the on-line news sources and found the details pretty shocking. What was most startling to me was how fast most of the country seems to be shrugging and getting on with it. By evening news, it was just one story among many, and no longer commanding front and center coverage outside the east coast.

    A little disheartening to realize how often Newtown, Boston and similar events become just ordinary news. We seem to have become pretty hardened to man-made tragedy.

  3. RIP to those lost in Boston