Monday, March 10, 2014

FIDLAR @ The Echoplex. 2-27-14.

Raucous LA punks FIDLAR played a special "discount" show at The Echoplex in late Feb, brought to you by the corporate overlords at Red Bull. You register online at their designated website, hand over the keys to your facebook profile and bam, you get the chance to watch FIDLAR and three other LA punk/indie bands play for the low low price of $3. Sound to good to be true? Well, yeah it ended up kinda being that way.

The discounted price and the band's rising popularity amongst the social media savvy (re: kids) meant a shit ton of high school-ers swarmed the venue early that afternoon. We ended up waiting an ungodly amount of time outside The Echoplex in the cold to guarantee admission. I'd personally have rather paid a normal amount for a ticket than brave that monstrous wait again, but I'm old and cranky so whatever.

aka: Fuck It Dog, Life's A Risk.
Cherry Glazerr and Cheatahs whipped all the kids into a frenzy before FIDLAR took the stage to a packed and sweaty house. I've been to quite a few shows at The Echoplex before but this gig felt like a damn sauna. The band played all the jams off their self titled debut album as well as some new unrecorded material. My highlight of the evening was when they played "Awkward," because thanks to a filthy NSFW website I dare not link to, it's become the funniest song ever.

FIDLAR have quickly become one of my favorite bands around these days. There was stage dives and crowd surfing galore all throughout their set. I love the fact that 3/4 of the band ends up on vocals at some point on stage. I love that Max is such a solid and drummer, even when he's pushing tempos to "ludicrous speed." I love that Zac always looks like he's about to die by the end of their set. All the blood sweat and cheap beer is on display for all to see with this band and it's damn good fun. What better way to spend a day off than rocking out and snapping pics?


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