Thursday, June 14, 2012

Famous High School Dropouts

So I'm back. My near week long blogging hiatus is over (miss me?). I got busy doing job application stuff, sneezing, pushups, working, watching Prometheus a million times. Anywhoo, here's a fascinating article I stumbled across this morning on Yahoo:

Famous Celebrity Dropouts.

I already knew Jim Carrey, Mark Wahlberg and Charlie Sheen never completed high school (Jim had a ROUGH childhood, Mark and Charlie were just crazy) but was pretty surprised at:

                                                    Drew Barrymore

                                                        Simon Cowell

                                                      and Johnny Depp

So remember kids. When you're cramming for that physics final and are sweating it when all your bills are due at once but you still need money to fill up your tank of gas for the next work week....think of the success a lad like Simon Cowell has achieved without a high school diploma, and weep. Don't worry, it feel pretty good after a while.


  1. You were surprised about Drew Barrymore not finishing highschool? She was a famous actress as a kid, why'd she waste her time going to school?!

  2. During my engineering seniors and everyone other than teachers and parents would encourage us with same story about Bill Gates,Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Google twins all time to inspire to bunk the class and party. :)
    Einstein and Edison were labelled as "idiots" during their childhood years and math genius Srinivasa Ramanujam failed to pass his exams.

    So, I need to hide these articles from out of reach fore my kids, till they graduate :)

  3. The reason these people are so successful is actually probably because they didn't have diplomas. There are millionaires and billionaires who dropped out of school, and started young.

  4. But for every dropout who has achieved great success, there's at least thousands, if not tens of thousands, of others who didn't. Dropping out isn't really a great way to get to wealth as more than likely it's a way to flip hamburgers. Always nice to hear a good ending, but it's so unlikely it isn't really the best opportunity to take. If I could just pack up and move to Hollywood and get millions I would, but I would just end up homeless.

  5. Barrymore was born into a family of entertainers and since it doesn't take a high school education to start pretend fires by squinting your face I'm not shocked that she didn't bother to get her diploma.

  6. Could have sworn Johnny Depp completed college. lol.

  7. Johnny Depp surprised me. Didn't see him coming.

  8. Difference between these guys and "common folk" is the natural talent. 'Cept for Drew. She was just a kick ass rebel.

  9. Im really shocked at Depp, I guess freddy kreuger pulled him out of school