Sunday, June 24, 2012

Movie Review: Prometheus

Ridley Scott's triumphant return to the sci-fi genre is here! Scott's work on Alien and Blade Runner from the 1980's (yeah I know Alien is from 79', I'm rounding up) have pretty much defined the science fiction genre for the past 30 years and now, after spending most of the last two decades on epic period pieces (Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Robin Hood), military flicks (G.I. Jane, Black Hawk Down) and dramas (Matchstick Men, American Gangster), Ridley Scott is back where he scary futuristic fucked up space travel genre!

For those of you out of the loop, Prometheus is a loosely associated prequel to Alien. It takes place in the same "Alien universe" only, about 30 years before the events of Scott's original film.

awesome cast is awesome
In Prometheus, a team of scientists and their corporate financiers (Weyland Corp., yes the same Weyland-Yutani Corp. from Alien...get it?? ok done) head off to a distant planet, well a moon actually, looking for who they believe are the creators of life on Earth. Of course this is a twisted sci-fi flick so things flip turn upside down rather quickly and their planned scientific journey of discovery becomes a nightmare. The crew of the Prometheus ship were hoping to meet their makers...some do literally, but most do, figuratively.

First things first. The film is GORGEOUS. I mean it's absolutely stunning visually. I think I could watch this film with the sound off and be just as excited because there's a not a bad shot throughout. I usually hate 3D movies with a passion but I shilled out the extra cash/eye drops for Prometheus and fell in love. The opening creation of life sequence is straight up breath taking and in my opinion worth the price of admission alone! It's like one of those IMAX National Geographic Earth documentaries, but with bodybuilder aliens!

The film's cast is amazing as well. Noomi Rapace did the impossible as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, she made me forget Lizabeth Salander ever existed! Guy Pearce plays old man Weyland like a real life C. Montgomery Burns, and Charlize Theron sizzles as the beautifully evil, Meredith Vickers. She's the only actress I can think of who can be smoking hot while playing someone so ice cold. Finally, Michael Fassbender steals the entire movie with his portrayal of David the android. Fassbender continues his path to utter world domination, playing David like a the bastard cousin of Star Trek's Data and Mr. Smithers combined. How marvelous is David the robot? Well he's basically the most compelling dude in the movie and makes the other assholes on the ship seem like major assholes in comparison, especially when you remember that he's not even human!

Now some people (re: THE INTERNET) are pissed because the movie has a few problems with it's plot. I agree there are some things that happen in Prometheus that make no sense at all. Like why would a team of highly trained scientist/explorers take off their fucking helmets on an alien planet?!?!? I mean, Buzz Lightyear warned us all what could happen right?? And also, don't touch anything man! Jesus.. So yeah, some smart people do some stupid shit but it's not really the end of the world. Overall, the plot isn't that hard to follow and the movie succeeds in asking some pretty lofty questions about the meaning of life while still managing to not only entertain but leave you squirming in your chair.
Prometheus Haters
In short:
Prometheus has amazing visuals and special effects.
Michael Fassbender/David the android rules.
The film introduces a new backstory/continuity timeline for sci-fi geeks to drool over.
The Engineers are bad mofos.
Scott ponders topics like the meaning of life and yet still revels in blood and guts entertainment(in 3D!).

If any of that stuff tickles your fancy, Prometheus might be for you. I saw it twice and wouldn't shut up about it for weeks. My girlfriend originally liked the film but I kind of ruined it for her with my ranting about Xenomorphs, Engineers, androids and Greek mythology that followed...oh wells.


  1. looks pretty cool, I saw the trailer months ago but I might rent it

  2. Someone's gonna have to try pretty damn hard in order to get me to watch it in 3D over here. Maybe later on after it's released but.. I dunno.

  3. I didn't realize Ridley did "Matchstick Men." That's an underrated movie, IMO.

  4. Sounds like it is surely worth a watch, I'll have to go get on that.

  5. i'm so gonna watch this. :D

  6. It tickled, me watching this movie . Thank

  7. That guy was involved in a lot more than I realize. Some of my favourites are in that list. Alien would not be on them though. It's good to hear such a positive review from an Alien fan, it seemed like the only way to enjoy it was to not expect anything from it.

  8. hmmmm..Okay, I may watch this somehow :D

  9. I know a lot of people aren't fans - but I thought it rocked as well

  10. I keep hearing mixed reviews about this. I hope its good!

  11. Saw the movie myself and thought it was pretty cool but it seemed to have receive some bad reviews. Haters gonna hate :)

  12. I'll have to see it eventually just for Fassbender

  13. did not read, cause I haven't seen it yet. hope u understand. lol those space suits look kinda weak sauce though. but i will see this movie, soon!