Sunday, September 9, 2012

Batman & child w/ cancer @ Disneyland

Remember that amazing story from the summer where Ron Perlman appeared as Hellboy for a sick child from the Make-A-Wish foundation? Well, we got another one folks.

"a real hero and a real human beeeeing"
four-year old leukemia patient named Jayden wanted to meet Batman. Friends and family got involved and started raising a ruckus online and somehow word got back to Christian Bale (aka Patrick Bateman aka, The Dark Knight himself/Bruce Wayne). What does Bale do? He flies the young boy and his family out from Ohio to spend the day at Disneyland with the caped crusader.

How rad is that? I mean yeah he didn't dress up in the costume and I'm sure he didn't speak in the gargling nails-Batman voice all day (which would probably have been frowned upon since Disney owns Marvel and Batman is Warner/DC...) but he took the kid's entire family out to the Magic Kingdom and still managed to fulfill that little boy's wish at the same time.

That photo was taken inside Disney's uber exclusive Club 33, which has like a 14 year waiting list for new membership. Christian Bale FTW.

Read more about this uplifting story HERE.


  1. Woah, I always knew of Christian Bale as an incredible actor considering American Psycho is probably one of my all time favourites but until recently I thought his personality was questionable. Events such as this and his reaction to the Dark Knight shootings were incredibly kind and sensitive and he seems like a truly great man to me.

  2. That's really sweet, like the time he visited the Aurora victims, but I'm still disappointed he didn't wear the suit. I guess it might not have gone down well though like you said. Batman has no place in Disneyworld.

  3. Yeah that is awesome for him to do, I guess he isn't such a douche outside the acting world.

  4. I saw Club 33 on the travel channel once, very swag.

    Bale is so awesome.

  5. I just pegged him for someone less cool. Recently it seems like he's actually a pretty cool dude. I like this.

  6. BABE-ALERT. Thanks for putting Christian Bale in my blogroll. Drool.

  7. Plus, he visited the people in the hospital following the shootout on premier night of The Dark Knight Rises. Bale seems to be on a campaign to erase any association with his well documented blowup at that stage hand.

    Apparently, I know far too much about celebrities.