Wednesday, March 27, 2013

American Military Museum aka: TANK LAND

Before my immune system crashed and burned on me Sunday night (leaving me a mucus filled recluse), I was actually having a pretty rad weekend.

One of the highlights was definitely my trip to The American Society of Military History's museum. The place is down the road from my house and I've passed by it a million times but had never actually visited before. As a history geek and former G.I. Joe enthusiast, getting to look at real life tanks and gigantic military vehicles/weapons was kind of awesome. Also, my grandpa is a WWII Navy veteran and seeing some of the equipment from his days in the service made the old stories and pictures he's shared with me over the years seem all the more vivid. 

Here are some photos from the museum:

 photo Img_1536_zps14b4c9c7.jpg

 photo Img_1489_zpsb7d5926c.jpg

 photo Img_1497_zpsa1b1d6a5.jpg

 photo Img_1529_zps4f622092.jpg

 photo Img_1534_zpscadefda7.jpg

 photo Img_1547_zps27843782.jpg
forgive the douche in front blocking the tank

Glad I finally checked this place out. If you're in Southern California and want to get your Saving Private Ryan on, stop by the American Military Museum sometime.


  1. This is so cool man, I've been to places like this in America though not this specific one and I've really enjoyed them every time. Hopefully that immune system's not doing so bad right now, get well soon if it's still holding you up buddy, great post as always.

  2. Looks like an interesting place. Another I'd like to visit: that aircraft graveyard out in the Arizona desert.

  3. Way that's cool. I've got some tanks at a beach. They've been all graffiti'd and stuff.. but this is much bigger.

  4. Nice pictures Jim, great eye candy!

  5. How did I not even know that this place existed when I lived in L.A.?

    THank you for sharing the photos.