Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vile Nostalgia: La Bouche

You know you're getting old when you nostalgia for crap you barely even liked (or flat out hated) before only because it reminds you of the past. Ladies and Gents, it's with great sorrow that I present this latest installment of Vile Nostalgia...
No longer referred to as: LA DOUCHE
I remember sleeping over a friend's house one time when I was like eleven. Me and a bunch of other little dudes stayed over, playing Super Nintendo and watching rated R movies. It was rad. That is until, everyone finally knocked out around 1am. While all the other kids dozed off I was kept awake by the booming music coming from the party next door. Loud, 1990's House music. My dislike for electronic music was born then and there.

I've become a tad more opened minded over the years. I'm more open to trying to new foods, wearing different clothes/colors (re: still lots of black doe. C'mon now!) and yes even enjoying different types of music. Although I still despise just about everything I hear people's radio & pandora stations...I've actually grown to enjoy certain electronic music acts. That being said, I never thought my grudge against 90's dance music would subside...then I threw on A Night At The Roxbury the other night.

For the record, I've always loved this movie. I was quoting A Night At The Roxbury since day one yo. I used to laugh at the Butabi brother's silly antics and sneer at their horrible, horrible taste in music. Something happened this last time I watched the film though. I found myself grinning like an idiot as soon as Haddaway's "What Is Love" started playing. I chalked it up to just being excited about the movie starting. The thing is, I perked up like a puppy every time one of the different club/dance songs played onscreen. By the time "Be My Lover" from La Bouche came on, I knew I had been swept up by a wave of full blown Vile Nostalgia.


  1. This film sounds really good man, especially when it's churning out nostalgic hits like this. LA DOUCHE really made me laugh though, those kind of single covers make me miss the 90s.

  2. I don't really remember La Bouche, but I do remember that 90's dance music is some of my favourite dance music.

  3. I too have grown more tolerant of electronic music over the years. I recall when AFI's "Death of Seasons" was first released that I enjoyed the brief techno section. I even got into Blaqk Audio. Still, it's far from my favorite genre.

    Also, regarding one of your previous posts, I'm grateful to you for turning me on to Chelesa Wolfe. I've been listening to her music ever since. "Mer" and "Bounce House Demons" appeal to me.

  4. Memories of that song are inexplicably tied to elementary school trips to the roller rink. Which I'm now wondering of that's still a thing that happens

  5. I can't judge. I love that movie too, and those songs have all grown on me.. despite knowing better. It's not so bad.