Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Awesome Photo (13)

taken from James Hetfield's Instagram

Metallica frontman James Hetfield is a 49 year old man. He's also a world famous musician, an award winning songwriter, a millionaire and a father of three. That's why I love the fact that the man still travels around with a sharpie and tags his own song lyrics in public places. It's not graffiti when rockstars do it. Besides, James Hetfield is the man. I'd let him write the lyrics to "Battery" on my face.

...battery is here to stay.

Metallica's 1986 classic, "Battery."


  1. Despite my mixed feelings towards Metallica that is a pretty fun thing to do.

  2. That photo's great man, I'm with Mark on mixed feelings but when they are good they are so good

  3. That's badass. That's proof the guy's still ticking is what it is. Also, really like the detailing on the R.

  4. Yeah, I would let him tag anything in my city without saying a word except "awesome".

  5. One of the first songs I learned on the guitar! pretty fun to play it.