Friday, November 2, 2012

Fatty Boom Boom

Sorry. I had a new post lined up for today but I seriously cannot stop watching the new Die Antwoord video, for their song "Fatty Boom Boom." It's a fucking trip and super, super RAD

Love the shots @ Lady Gaga and all the other bland "pop" stars in the mural also =p


  1. Yes man! Massive respect to you for finding this song as awesome as I do, I think it's utter class and I love how Lady Gaga gets killed, it's just hilarious. I was pretty annoyed to hear Gaga bitching about it, seems like it's okay for her to make a living off being outlandish but not for everybody else, Die Anterwood are incredible though dude, real genius in my opinion.

  2. That was...weird, to say the least.

  3. That made me laugh, I enjoyed it. I'mma have to share.