Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween everyone!

I work tonight so, won't be doing much celebrating. Here's a photo from this past weekend of my girlfriend and I in our costumes.

coordination is key
She was Harley Quinn, I refused to be the Joker because that's kind of played out, so I went as a halfassed Evil Jester. At least we match. haha. Last Halloween I selected some "spooky" themed metal tunes for you bloggers to enjoy. This year I'm going the opposite route: Sexy Halloween costumes. That's what Halloween is all about anyways. Dem Nekkid Ladiez. Heeeey. Enjoy!


  1. Happy Halloween! Smart thinking on not going as Joker, that'd dedication on not wanting to be something played out especially if your girlfriend is Harley.

    Oh and uh, thanks for the video.....

  2. Your costume is so cool buddy and I love your girlfriend's Harley Quinn outfit! I'm sorry to hear that you're working tonight though but I really enjoyed the video and hope that you have an awesome Halloween mate.

  3. If a girls costume doesn't include the word "slutty" in it, it is a general consensus that she is doing it wrong. You two looked pretty badass last year but you should totally have dressed up as Joker. If you didn't want to be overdone you could have dressed up as classical Joker. It got really overdone after The Dark Knight, so go as a Joker from before then. Besides, it's Harley Quinn, you have to match.

  4. Snow White left me liek: Daaaaaaaaaaayum

  5. I do like the pic of you and your GF, lookin good! and you made my day today with the video of the chick changing in and out of costumes and undies.