Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mitt Romney Rap: GOP/Mormon SWAG

This, is real. Not a joke. It's hilarious and frustrating but awesomely entertaining at the same time. If you're offended by ignorance and douche-baggery then you probably will laugh even harder at the laaaaaaame-O content of this video. You've been warned:

Aside from their piss poor rapping abilities, the dudes in this video suffer from what we call: Typical Swag Fag syndrome.

 Exhibit A)

Exhibit B)

So right off the bat, this video is cringe worthy/comedic gold. I think the worst/funniest thing about this, aside from their goofy attempts at being cool while simultaneously campaigning for Mitt Romney, is that they're serious.

A bunch of sheltered, over-privileged bros, rocking Ray-Bans and driving pickup trucks their parents probably paid for, who champion the tenets of conservative political ideology. It's funny and tragic that these people exist.

"Everyone in America needs to quit bitching, stop mooching and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps if they want to succeed in life...just like my parents did."


  1. As an outsider looking in that's quite awful...and sad.

  2. This is pretty embarrassing dude you're right. Originally I thought it was just a joke but it's not and that's what makes it so embarrassing, those guys are exactly like the guy in that photo, it's kind of sad like Angry says.

  3. This depresses me on so many levels..

  4. I lasted 15 seconds. I'm sorry but that's all I could take. I've seen some weird and crazy shit in my time, and listened to Navi on a ten minute loop, but I couldn't take that. I just couldn't. Forget water boarding, play this in Gitmo.

  5. LMAO it's so lame it's funny, the cat is very offended from that rap.

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    1. Bad 90's style rap. Maybe this was an old Bob Dole rap that was rewritten.

  7. this is funny
    a sad kind of funny

  8. American culture is really going to the dogs. This is stereotypical but sadly true.