Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Superman VS. are not ready:

Wow. Just WOW. This dude Mike Habjan has made the gnarliest CGI video EVER. Superman VS The Incredible Hulk. Watch. WATCH!

How awesome is that? Superman looks exactly like Christopher Reeve from the original movie. I'm no DC fanboy, and I'll be the first to bash Superman as being a boyscout/boring, but holy shit he looks intimating as fuck at the 0:42 mark in the video. That insane, Kryptonian swag walk he's got going on there. I'm super stoked as you can tell.

DC/Warner...give it up. You'll never make an awesome live action film like The Avengers, There's no way your boy in red and blue pajamas can pull this off. Instead, please follow Mike Habjan's lead and go the CGI route. How awesome would a full length computer animated comic book movie look on the big screen?

Can't wait for the next installment of this series Mike! Keep it up!


  1. As impressive as that was (and boy was it impressive) it's Superman. I don't buy anyone as a credible opponent to Superman. I read a Superman comic where Lex became a God and Superman still managed to beat him. He could just throw Hulk into the sun if he wanted to. Hulk vs Batman now that's a fight I want to see. Hulk could just crush him in a second. Poor Batman. Though I do agree that just taking a comic book story and turning it into a feature length movie would look pretty impressive. Some of the storylines of the old X-Men cartoon were taken straight out of the comic and looked great.

  2. There was a to be continued? THIS IS PART 2?! I'm gonna end up sharing this.

  3. This is incredible man, like you say I've always found Superman to be dull and vanilla but in this video he's incredibly awesome, I love this so much!

  4. Most of the other DC comics characters are just to goody and cheesy to make a legitimate movie.

    1. I don't think you know much of DC Comics characters