Friday, October 5, 2012

The Hives @ The Wiltern, Los Angeles. 9/14/12.

The Hives: Round 3. What an adventure. All the zany shit that happened on this night could fill a novel. First things first, the concert itself.

Los Angeles' own Luis & Wildfires, a smooth talking rockabilly band from the coolest 1950's alternate universe I've ever seen, opened up the night. Snappy little rock 'n' roll jams played with the just the right mix of suave and manic energy. Slick back hair, upright bass guitar, the band had the Joe Camel look down, but their frontman, Mr. Luis himself brought the modern punk edge, hollering like a madman, smashing his guitar and piggyback riding the other guitarist all for good fun. I was impressed.
More Luis & The Wildfires HERE.

FIDLAR was next. They're another bunch of hometown heroes whom I was not yet familiar with. They must be doing pretty well for themselves, because it seemed like a good amount of people were there to see THEM. How can I describe these guys other than being awesome? Imagine if Marty McFly started a bratty surf/skate punk band. Their youthful energy and catchy songs are beyond infectious. Yeah they had a few sound problems and seemed a bit lost on such a big stage (apparently they got big playing some raucous house parties) but there is no denying the dude's in FIDLAR rule. Oh and their name is an acronym for: Fuck It Dog Life's A Risk. I was really impressed.

And now, the main event, Sweden's greatest import and undisputed kings of rock 'n' roll (in their humble opinions of course), The Hives. I can't believe this is my third time seeing them this year. I've seen them more times in 2012 than I have in my entire life beforehand. The band is touring in support of their latest album, Lex Hives, so they played a good amount of new songs. Luckily, the new album rules so all the newer tunes were welcome. Of course, when the band played older stuff, ("Die Alright"!!!!!) the audience went nuts. I planned on playing it safe and staying off the floor, staking claim in the separate standing lodge, but the frenzy The Hives caused made the pit/dance floor chaos follow me.

puppet master
The band was in fine form this night. Their whole, tuxedo and top hat motif they've been doing is now, totally fitting. They aren't the same snot nose Swedish FIDLAR's from the early 2000's garage rock revival, they've successfully transitioned into genuine rock 'n' roll elder statesmen. Everything about The Hives is designed to wow. They're like punk rock terminators. Their songs, stage attire and very presence doesn't just entertain, it engulfs the audience. They hypnotize and manipulate their prey much like the puppet master background suggests. Frontman extraordinaire Pelle Almqvist even said:

"There's a lot of magicians in this town, but very few wizards."

His response to musicians who claim Los Angeles concert goers are notoriously fickle:

"That's because your band fucking sucks."

He then went on to call hail himself as a direct descendant of Julius Caesar.

How can you not love these guys?

Awesome show.

1) en-route to the venue, we see a white Lexus with a SWD plates. The Swedish consulate is located down the street from The Wiltern. Pretty sure these foreign dignitaries were about to get their party on with The Hives.

2) While searching for parking I spot members of The Hives and Luis & The Wildfires standing outside the loading area shooting the shit. I immediately turn into the first lot I find and try to say "What's up?!" to my Swedish overlords but am almost hit by a car instead.

3) I confused this show for a different concert that I had just got tickets for and ended up arriving close to two hours early =/

4) The lot I parked in was not designated for concert parking and consequently, was CLOSED by the time the show ended. Luckily some friends/guardian angels who also attended the show turned around and took us home (I got my car back the next day).


You can spot me my girlfriend and in this clip (brown guy in white-t grinning & cute girl w/ pink iPhone case respectively).


  1. Caught the pink phone and wow sounds like a great time once more, you really should go and write a book.

  2. That story sounds awesome Jim, I'm with Pat that a book about all your various concerts would be awesome because you've been to some great ones I love the Hives!

  3. Dammit, why do you keep having all this fun?

    I think it's funny you almost got hit by a car (glad you didn't). I also find it funny you got somewhere early. Woah.

  4. I guess I live under a rock because I've never heard of them until now.