Friday, December 20, 2013

It's Not Fiction, It's Florida.

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.
Ben Carrillo may have done a lot of questionable things in his life, but his debut student film It's Not Fiction, It's Florida, is not one of them. This short film is seven minutes of awesomeness. It's funny, thought provoking and features an amazing ensemble cast (especially that stud playing Cop #1). Who would have thought that a mere student film project would serve as a such a jarring indictment of modern American culture...either that or it just underscores how fucking crazy Florida really is. No...REALLY.

Is this film a work of genius? Has Ben found his true calling but more importantly, can he put the go-go dancing career behind him? Am I hyping this thing up because of my own involvement (Boom Operators Local 605 in the house)? Check out It's Not Fiction, It's Florida and decide for yourselves. I'm pretty sure you'll dig it...unless you're one of those raving loonies from the Sunshine State. If so, direct your ire at Ben. It's all his fault, I swear.

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