Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Fall 2014 Moive Guide

FALL 2014 Movie Guide
Hey Bloggers. It's been a while huh? This two month lapse in posting has been my longest absence...ever. I've been kinda busy this year, trying my hand at legit music journalism, writing for New Noise Magazine and recently, joining up with Metal Injection as well.

I've also added a link to my not so fancy tumblr profile, where ya'll can keep tabs on the concert photography (and other random stuff) I've been shooting lately.

This blog will still be my primary outlet for digesting films and ranting about entertainment, political and lolz-y stuff.  Things have been quiet around here mostly because there hasn't been any decent movies out lately. Of course it's Fall now, which means all the "good" movies are about to flood the theaters just in time for Oscar season. Here's a rundown on the flicks I'm the most hyped about for the end 2014. Some Oscar bait melodramas, some lowbrow action/comedies, and the usual weird stuff I love so much. Enjoy.

Gone Girl -Oct. 3.
Fincher's latest bleak, who done it procedural, kicks the Fall season off tomorrow with a bang. Ben Affleck has never been my favorite leading man, but if anyone can force a great performance out of him, it's David "1,000 takes" Fincher.

Birdman - Oct. 17
Michael Keaton plays a fading star, once celebrated for playing an iconic character: He's Birdman. Sound familiar? It's like art intimating life and it looks truly bizarre in all the best ways.

John Wick - Oct. 24
No joke, this movie looks cheesy as hell...but I'm hoping for a "it's so bad it's good" type deal here. Like Dredd or Pain & Gain. Either way, the trailer makes it seem like Keanu Reeves is reenacting the lobby shootout in The Matrix for two hours and I kind of love it.

Nightcrawler - Oct. 31
The homie Jake Gyllenhaal has played weirdos in Prisoners and Enemy, but he finally goes full on nutcase in Nightcrawler. Gyllenhaal's creep factor is off the charts in this trailer and pretty much sells the entire flick. 

Interstellar- Nov. 7
The latest spectacle from Christopher Nolan is almost upon us. We can expect a gargantuan run time, a booming Hans Zimmer score to bludgeon our emotions, and gorgeous cinematography. Hopefully he puts a little more TLC into this one then he did in The Dark Knight Rises. Please.

   A Most Violent Year- Nov. 12
Oscar Issac channeling vintage Al Pacino? Jessica Chastain being infallible as usual? SOLD.

Fury- Nov. 14
Sometimes I think David Ayer makes movies exclusively for me. The trailer for Fury further reinforces this notion. Brad Pitt killing Nazis in a non-animated feature (Inglorious Basterds was a cartoon right?) is pretty much a done deal. Ayer's knack for realistic dialogue, white knuckle tension and gnarly violence makes this film a must see.

Horrible Bosses 2- Nov. 26
The first film was such a pleasant surprise that I have no choice but to check out the sequel. I doubt this movie will go completely off the rails like 22 Jump Street did earlier this year, but I'm sure the lolz will be plentiful nonetheless.

Inherent Vice - Dec. 12
PTA returns from Mt. Olympus with yet another masterpiece. Excuse the fanboy-ism. Some of you might remember me frothing at the mouth waiting for The Master, it's kind of like that all over again. Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film is his first lighthearted movie in ages, and looks like a cross between Boogie Nights and The Big Lebowski. I CAN'T WAIT.

Exodus: Gods and Kings - Dec. 12
The fact that Ridley Scott is pushing 80 and still cranking out epic movies like this is insane. The man behind Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven brings us yet another ancient period piece, but with more CGI magic à la Prometheus than ever before. I doubt anything will be as looney as Aronofsky's incestious, Lord of the Rings take on Noah, but this still looks pretty out there. Plus Christian Bale. 

Unbroken- Dec. 25
Based on true story type films can either be great (12 Years A Slave) or schlock fests (Lone Survivor). I'm not sure where Angelina Jolie's new film will land, but the real story of Olympic athlete turned WWII POW Louis Zamperini, is friggin amazing and deserves to be seen out of respect for the dude alone.

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  1. At first I was a little sad that Nightcrawler movie wasn't an actual, you know, Nightcrawler movie. After watching the trailer though I'm sold. It looks excellent and I don't really say that about new movies. Congrats on the new job too Jim. Enjoy writing about music for a living.