Sunday, July 1, 2012

Conservative Rage

Abandon EARTH!
For those of you outside the USA, the Supreme Court just ruled that the Obama administration's Affordable Care Act (aka: Obamacare) is constitutional and apparently this ruling is the equivalent to one the four horsemen of the Apocalypse in right-wing political circles. The law would require a federal mandate for all citizens to purchase some form of health insurance (with tax rebates for those who can't afford it and expansion of state/federal assistance programs for the poor), granting the 30+ million uninsured Americans (who either can't afford coverage or don't qualify due to wonderful "pre-existing conditions") some form of safety net. This is hopefully the first of many steps meant to reform America's HORRIBLY BROKEN health care system.

I think this whole debate is a joke. Pretty much the rest of the modern world already has universal coverage and here we are trying to fight history/progress. It's like all of Earth has upgraded to broadband internet and us proud Americans disparately cling to our dial-up. Wake the fuck up. This Obamacare crap, which still panders to private (re: evil/corrupt) insurance companies is a half ass cop out. A band-aid on a bullet wound but hey, baby steps for the good ol' US of A right?

Political conservatives were outraged over the Supreme Court's decision. So outraged a number of them took to twitter and voiced their frustrations. These people were so disgusted by Obama and his socialist attack on their health care system, many of them threatened to move to Canada to escape his tyrannical rule once and for all. Move to Canada, to escape socialism. Canada...home of socialized health care.

That's the problem though. The discourse in this country is shattered. It's like trench warfare, WWI style. No side makes any progress and is content with shredding the other side to pieces. Nobody stops to think about how totally retarded the whole situation (including themselves!) have become.

In the wake of the decision, Republican's have directed their ire not at the wicked, Socialist/Kenyan/Muslim/Fascist/Communist/Democratically elected dictator aka President Obama, but at the turncoat "conservative" Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts whose swing vote allowed the Affordable Care Act to survive. Robert's was appointed by G.W. Bush and was for all intents and purposes, supposed to be "their boy," but low and behold the man actually took the oath of office he swore seriously, looked beyond petty political and ideological preferences and did his fucking job, you know...interpreting the Constitution, and because of this, he's a sell out/public enemy #1 to American conservatives. 

This shirt of Chief Justice Roberts is being sold on Glenn Beck's website.

Maybe we don't deserve this planet. I'm sure those polar bears swimming for dear life in the arctic would do a much better job running the show once we're gone. One can only hope...


  1. its probably just the loud minority, right?

  2. I think it is kind of ridiculous how upset people are getting especially since Canada do the free healthcare for everyone thing too but I have to warn you dude that healthcare for everyone isn't a perfect system. The waiting lists are long and people often actually die simply because the hospitals are so busy, like someone who needs a tumour in their brain removed might need to be put on a list for six months and could die before their operation and it's terrible. The National Health Service in the United Kingdom is negligent, understaffed and a real worry if you're unhealthy, I don't want you guys to suffer the same way people have suffered over here because of it.

  3. LOL many are stuck in their ways and like their pathetic dial-up. And what was so funny as them wanting to movie to Canada, that is just pathetic as we have the exact healthcare they are whining about in a way anyway, idiots.

  4. I'm sure that you've seen the picture floating around Facebook with the backdrop of the Canadian Flag and it begins with "So. you're moving to Canada if Obama gets re-elected?"

    It then goes to list how Canada has universal health care, universally recognized gay marriages, and no time limit on when a woman can get an abortion.

    It then goes on to say,
    "Yeah. I'm sure you'll fucking fit right in."

  5. Okay I really love this post. I found myself thinking "What the actual fuck fucktards?" when people said they were going to move to Canada to escape social healthcare. Obamacare doesn't even seem to be on the level of Canadian healthcare or even the NHS though. It's less than I thought it was, but it's still a step in the right direction. I can't understand or begin to fathom the American lack of care for their fellow man. They take selfishness to a whole other level.

  6. Loved this post. I really love your thinking and your posts with anger rightly directed and words cautiously coined and precise.
    I had same feelings, I didnt quite catch what the uproar is about, why would anyone scream over healthcare for all. Is this really worth screaming about?
    In addition to socialist/kenyan/muslim/fasicst/dictator, this black guy released only his birth certificate, he didnt release his birth video. How can be President of this country? It would be better if all Americans move to Canada.

    These are the times I have vote against free speech sometimes, when the non-functional/dormant part of brain makes decisions and starts to speak out.

  7. Reminds me of Michele Bachmann claiming we should be less socialist, citing (a self declared communist county) China as what we should be shooting for.

  8. I fucking hate this country. See, they have to say canada because it's America's hat and these are people who refuse to learn a new language. So, their choices are Australia, England, and Canada. England is in europe, so it's automatically socialist, and because they're all clinically retarded, they aren't quite sure where australia is. So, I guess Canada. Or, they can secede in the south, which I am all for.

  9. When similar stuff happens here.. I don't even get mad. I seriously encourage people to leave. If you don't like the land you live on, go ahead and move. Move where life is better, please, and stop hogging all the ground for the people that love their home.

  10. Will Rogers nailed it when he said never underestimate the stupidity of the American public...seems the Reps just want us to fail and go down the fucking tubes, and all they are about is 'winning?" That's losing...

  11. Wow, America! A whole new level of dumb! I knew you could do it! Hate Obamas health care, so go move to the country with Super Duper Obama health care! Right on!

    I think Canada should anex the USA and just make the USA Canadas eleventh-sixyfirst provences! Then it could be the United States of Canada!

    Oh say Canada!

    1. Whats next? The American Ku Klux Klan members gonna get tired of all the black people in America and move to Africa?