Friday, September 17, 2010

Arizona and back....

Just returned home from a trip to Arizona. Phoenix, Arizona to be exact. Beautiful as fuck though. In honor of my recent expedition I've decided to highlight two of my favorite Phoenix bred metal bands (and really, the ONLY Phoenix bands I can think of).

First, the snappy newcomers of Landmine Marathon:
Brutal, raw, grind-y death metal. Anger incarnate...probably pissed from living in that Arizona heat all year round.

Scion A/V Video: Landmine Marathon - Shadows Fed To Tyrants from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

and here are the mighty Vehemence. This band was/is fucking awesome. Their 2002 album God Was Created is probably one of the best melodic death metal albums ever (and not like In Flames post-Clayman pussy stuff either). They had a deal with Metalblade back in the day but the band sort of fell apart after 2004's Helping the World to See. They were pretty much dead until they reformed in 08'. The two post-reunion shows I've seen were amazing. Too bad they played infront of like 30 people each time =/  Here's one of my favorite songs, "The Last Fantasy of Christ." It's melodic, brutal and 100% Arizona death metal.


  1. I love Arizona, I've only really been to Tuscan though. Was extremely beautiful though

  2. Landmine Marathon isn't bad, but definitely not my favorite.

    I'd much rather listen to Strapping Young Lad. :)

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