Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ohhhhhh Canadaaaaaaaaaaaa

I'm one of those suckers who still goes and buys CD's. 99% of the time I'll download an album first to make sure it doesn't suck ass. The good ones are saved from the recycle bin and make their way onto my iPod. The great ones make the list of albums to buy should I get the chance (at the band's merch table, big box retailers, FYE, etc) but the awesome ones instill themselves deep inside my psyche and demand roadtrips or hunts.

This leaves us with that 1%. Artist's whose past output has been so consistently awesome I'll blindly purchase whatever bullshit they put out. Iron Maiden could make a live DVD of Nicko taking a shit and, like an abused wife, I'll still come back for more.

"...oui oui, bon bons and all that good stuff."
- Method Man
Beneath The Massacre are getting up there on my list. No, they'll never be an arena filling legacy act like Slayer. Yes, they have short hair and yeah, "ils parlent du francais," but man, this band has a track record of being consistently fucking awesome.

2005's Evidence of Inequity EP was a slamming introduction. Brutality meets technicality meets breakdowns...but without the bad taste in your mouth.

2007's Mechanics of Dysfunction and Dystopia in 08' brought more of the same but saw the band tightening their game with each release and growing more precise as musicians and songwriters (i.e. catchy ass cave man songs).

Their new EP, Maree Noire continues the band's awesome streak but is honestly like nothing else they've done. More math-y/off kilter time signatures, less breakdowns, filthier vocals and even more noodly guitar.   "Designed to Strangle" is like Whisper Supremacy era Cryptopsy on a cocaine & steroid binge. If this is the course they'll take on their next full length, COUNT ME IN.

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