Monday, September 20, 2010

Grindcore Catharsis

I'm going through some health insurance bullshit right now. Kinda long story but in a nutshell:
I'm not dying but to continue on with my provider and deal with some of the medical issues I have will result in me being poor(er) as fuck. The assorted phone calls and paper work bullshit I've encountered lately leaves me feeling like this:

Really. While looking through the figures I received in the mail the first thought that raced through my head was the beginning of this song. This isn't the first time I've scored the soundtrack to my life as it happens. Kind of awesome how our subconscious can delve into music and create something enjoyable from a totally shitty experience. Yeah I was still pissed about the HMO bullshit, but I spent a good chunk of the morning listening to Pig Destroyer as a result which is always a plus.


  1. nice, I just posted some dubstep on my blog, and will put up some heavier shit later today Horns up!!

  2. Insurance is bullshit but at least it inspired you to break out the good tunes!

  3. Yie, sorry to hear about the medical troubles man.

  4. followin 'n' supportin bro :)

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