Thursday, September 30, 2010

Despised Icon & Misery Index @ Chain Reaction, Anaheim. 9/28/10

au revoir mes amis
So this is it. Despised Icon's final US tour. Sad news for me, because my heart is filled with  regrets when it comes to this band. See, I used to hate on these guys because they were different. The breakdowns/hardcore dancing, the two singers with the wide brimmed wasn't "metal enough" for me back in the day. I came to see Suffocation and Cryptopsy, dammit, not THIS! Well after a few more encounters (on Summer Slaughter, opening for The Red Chord, etc) and the release of last year's awesome Day of Mourning album, I finally accepted Despised Icon as my deathcore lords & saviors. Then they announce they're breaking up and this will be their final US tour. Ever. At least they brought my favorite East Coast grinders, Misery Index out on this, their farewell tour.

So we arrive early yet still somehow miss the beginning of the local opening band. I normally wouldn't care because most local bands are fucking horrible but this band, Wage Slave were sick. I walked in late and ask the dude on the side of me about these guys and it ends up being the Alex Grind, drummer from Despised Icon, standing there diggin their set. So the first local opener ruled, the next group...not so much. I believe they were called Goliath. I don't really remember, I'm trying to forget about the whole experience actually. I want to say they had energy and charisma but no, none of the guitarists or bass player even looked like they wanted to be onstage. The drummer was sloppy as hell and only one of their two vocalists was any good, and the dude with the cool gutterals was wearing a Slipknot yeah. No dice man.

Revocation came out and the contrast in talent between them and Goliath was frightening, and I'm not even a Revocation fan either. They're a pretty competent thrash act. All the dudes shredded the fuck out of their respective instruments and they had mad energy onstage. You could tell these guys love playing and were having fun up there. I dug there set but still wouldn't have minded if them and Goliath had not played and given more time for Misery Index.

conquistadores in action
Ah yes, Misery Index. They owned. It's what they do. New guitar player was awesome live, Jason moving to the left side of the stage and letting Mark move into the center and handle unofficial frontman duties (crowd banter) bothered me for a second but I let it go when I realized how much ass they were kicking. Adam Jarvis on the drums...he's inhuman (thanks for the drumstick man! Wearing old ass tour shirts pays off sometimes kids).  Despised Icon's fans didn't really show that much love for Revocation's thrashy shred fest but most the crowd seemed to enjoy Misery Index's set. Who doesn't love blasting death/grind you can bob your head to?

Sadly, Misery Index had the shortest set of the night which was a crime against humanity as far as I'm concerned but alas, they made the best of what they had and tore the place up.

Despised Icon came out to their adoring two stepping fans and went straight into "All For Nothing." I gotta say I was impressed how Icon was able to keep the crowd and their own energy level so high playing in such a tiny sweat box like Chain Reaction (with six dudes onstage plus Alex's monster drum set).  The band rarely addressed the crowd and made no comments about they're impending demise, other than the "...this is your last chance" remark during the nights closer, "MVP" which had a literal meaning this time. From my vantage point near the side of the stage I was able to capture some sweet pics/video but sadly, the view of  the floor become obscured during Icon's performance and as we all know, watching the floor at these type of shows can be as much fun as watching the band sometimes. I couldn't see much but could definitely hear the shouts and "ohhhhhhhhs" during the silent parts of the breakdowns where all the dudes in bright colored shirts demonstrated their style.

Overall, this was an awesome show. Sucks that my first Despised Icon headlining show was also my last but hey, at least they went out on top and brought the house down at Chain Reaction. No really. Watch this video I took, I literally expected the roof to fall. 

*side note*
I was talking to Alex Grind from Despised Icon during Wage Slave's set and a little after the show about this top secret new double bass technique he's working on that is supposed to make all extreme metal dudes shit their pants in the near future. Needless to say, I'm STOKED.

Misery Index is still alive and kickin' and they just released an awesome compilation of all their splits/EPs and non-album material titled Pulling Out The Nails. Check that shit out if you're unfamiliar with the band and in the mood for getting your face grinded off.


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  3. Hadn't heard them before, fairly impressed though. I need more heavy to throw into my playlists, anyway.

  4. Interesting post. I'll have to check them out.

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  8. i saw them once there before and they played with carnifex, it was sick.