Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Female Obsession: Famke Janssen

I've been meaning to do "hot famous chick" post for some time, because if it's one thing I dig more than metal and depressing ass movies, its ogling famous broads. I was debating on just who should be the first candidate for the esteemed position of my first Female Obsession post but last night, FATE intervened.

First, I'm a geek and an insomniac. Second, they show re-runs of Star Trek: The Next Generation really late/very early in the morning on TV. Third, that's a match made in heaven people.

Take me now Professor Picard, er...Cpt. Xavier
So I was watching Star Trek at 2AM because I'm so awesome when my eyes almost burst out of their sockets when I saw my home girl Famke Janssen playing a sexy alien trying to get all up in Captain Picard's uniform. She plays a empathic metamorph who uses her physic powers to adapt to the personalities/desires of males, making her the perfect mate. Yes, Famke Janssen played a chick with mental powers alongside Patrick Stewart in 1992. Circle of life. So I watched the whole episode with a dopey grin on my face, because I've worshiped her ridiculously big feet for about ten years now.

She's probably most famous for her role as Jean Grey in the recent X-Men films. Older heads might remember her as Xena Onatopp from Goldeneye. She's a former fashion model, speaks Dutch, English, French and German, studied at Columbia University and has action figures made after her. Drool. The sad part is, I ALMOST met her once. My girlfriend and I met up with some of her family at Disneyland last summer. Her twelve year old cousin runs up to us saying "We met Jean Grey in line on Space Mountain!" I say, "Famke Janssen's here at Disneyland?" before balling up my fist and screaming bloody murder in the middle of Tomorrowland. True story =/

So here are some pics/clips of my favorite 45 year old Dutch actress in the world.

Here she is making a young Conan O'Brien jizz his pants in the first few minutes of this clip:

Here's Famke punking a thinner (but still short) Jon Stewart, her co-star in The Faculty.
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and finally, here's the trailer to my favorite Famke Janssen film, Love & Sex:

I found this flick on late night cable back in 2002 I wanna say. Hoping for softcore cable porn, I found a quirky/entertaining romantic comedy and ended up falling in love with Famke Janssen. I guess being an insomniac has its benefits.


  1. famke janssen is so hot <3

  2. I love Famke. Although watching her do such an amazing job on Nip/Tuck really made me kind of afraid of her. I actually thought she had a penis for a while, she did such a good job with her role.

  3. While I hope your insomnia improves, I must say...

    I really couldn't even believe that was her. Looking at the pictures of her from Star Trek TNG and than at the ones from X-men. I didn't even realize that she was that old...I thought she was rather young when doing X-men. Huh.

  4. I used to find her hot, until I watched Nip/Tuck:(

  5. Those are some very hot pictures you got there my friend. Looks like you just earned a new follower, can't wait too see more posts.

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  9. Cool story, bro!
    Following your blog

  10. real good looking and cute girrrrrrrrrrrrll

  11. Haha that conan video is awesome. She is super hot, and seems smart too.

  12. Man that girl is sexy... I have a serious crush on this girl!