Friday, November 12, 2010


Hellsongs- Serving up Swedish bits of Heaven
First, I have to thank the folks at for inspiring this post. Strange, the day after my lengthy Pantera rant my favorite metal douche lords post THIS.

What? Didn't click the link provided to their original post? It's alright, I'll break it down for ya. The metalsucks cats posted an AWESOME folksy/indie/acoustic cover of Pantera's "Walk" performed by a Swedish trio called Hellsongs. Apparently, the dudes (and gal) of Hellsongs have been cranking out their quirky lounge versions of metal classics for a few years now. I'll give you a few examples of their handy work to drool over.

In keeping with my recent Pantera binge, here's the original version of Pantera's "Walk."

"Can't you hear, the violins, playing your SOoooooooooooong?!" Damn I love that part.

So here's Hellsongs quirky ass take on this aggro classic.

Mind blown? Mine was.

Here's another example of their hippie/Swedish mind-fuckery:

Yeah, thats "Blackened," by Metallica. Easily one of the most brutal songs they've ever written. Here's how it normally sounds:

The comments on the metalsucks article as well as Hellsongs' youtube videos show just how polarizing stuff like this can be. People either love the breath of proverbial fresh air covers like this provide in the often stale metal community or flat out decry this stuff as retarded, pussy shit. Well, I for one like metal, can be known to act retarded on occasion and happen to embrace my softer "pussy shit" side (see recent Interpol/Arcade Fire posts) so I can't help but gush over what Hellsongs is doing. Check em' out.


  1. Thanks for broadening my musical horizon.

  2. i can't really get into hellsongs for some reason.. maybe it's because i've been listening to rap all day lol.

    but metallica and pantera are among my fav bands anyway

  3. Pantera + metallica in one post?! views UUUPPP

  4. I love Swedish bands. I don't know why, I just do. They could be the worst band out there, but if they're Swedish I love them. But it does help when they're thanks for this :)

  5. interesting... I'll check back tomorrow

  6. Great stuff here good songs too if those are songs if not cool vids

  7. Nice post, full of information

  8. That is a dman good cover, thanks for sharing.

  9. New to me! thanks for this awesoem band.

  10. this is a great follow up to your last...ah, just shitting you. Hellsongs is f**king great! Why wasn't I notified of their existence sooner? I'm a rock/metal/alt/indie fan, and I think they have successfully fused them all into one chewy gumball of win.