Sunday, October 23, 2011

Immolation & Scion: match made in heaven (hell).

Last night Immolation played a show here in Southern California. A headlining show with another sweet band I love called Gigan. Alas, I was stuck working and couldn't make it to the show. Even if I had ditched work, there was a family shin dig going on I would have been obligated to attend so, I was doubled fucked from going to this show regardless.

I've seen Immolation several times before but never headlining on their own. Bummer. See, this band doesn't exactly get out much. They're a bunch of regular working class dudes with full time jobs who, for the past 20+ years, sporadically meet up to record albums and tour the country in a van as this interview attests to.

I think that's their secret weapon though. Most bands usually start to suck by this point in their career, but Immolation keeps getting better and better. I actually look forward to their new material. So I was stoked when the mighty Scion swooped in and teamed up with the band to release a brand spankin' new EP, Providence, completely free of charge.

Some people hate on Scion or Vans or Converse or any other company for snooping their noses in the underground metal scene and throwing their corporate money around for publicity. Well I say, MOAR! Moar Scion sponsored albums and music festivals! Immolation is a perfect example of corporate sponsorship done right. The band doesn't have to change their sound and pander to a mainstream audience that will never embrace them to begin with. No, instead they get paid to keep doing what they always do. The audience gets free music/concerts and best of all, it doesn't suck either! Everybody wins. This is my fourth Immolation post of 2011. Three of those posts (including this one) were because of Scion. I rest my case.

Here's a the first song off Immolation's awesome new, Scion sponsored release:

It's heavy, ominous, twisted...and the guitar harmonics sound like angry kittens. Everything I love about this band.

You can get your paws on the the entire Providence EP (for free!) HERE.


  1. I really can hear angry kittens in that song, and I just had visions in my head of heavy metal kittens. Fun times. Corporate sponsorship can be done right, but it gets done wrong so many times.

  2. That interview.. those guys are so cool. I mean, maybe they're douche bags in disguise or whatever, but I'd actually pay to see them.

    I will not pass up this free download. It's not possible.

  3. They're masters!!

  4. It's not really my kind of music but regardless I think I quite like them. They're certainly talented, that's not disputable.

  5. I love how when ever you hear Heavy Metal musicians talking they are very level headed with it and intellegent but when ever you hear a pop singer talking they sound stupid and slightly retarded! I would love to show the first video to so many people I've known who think Heavy Metal is evil! (then show them some Britney Spears interview!)

  6. These guys are new to me, this music would've been perfect to listen to this past weekend

  7. They seem so happy during the interview butthen as soon as they get on stage they just bcome very, very angry.